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Potential Grounds

Transformation Coaching
Building community through positive creative experiences,
fostering everyone's potential.


Personal Consultation

Personalized one on one approach to guide you through the important questions of what is challenging your potential while building a growth plan to manifest your truest desires.


Strategic Planning

Interactive, fun, goal orientated sessions with creative synergy to lead your group to a shared vision, while building action plan to execute with passion.


Growth Workshops

Book a workshop for your friends or colleagues to inspire and guide to the next step.

Customized and creative.


Seminars &

Customized one day intensives or longer themed retreats. Reflective destinations & community building experiences.

About the Approach

How are we different?

  • Growth comes from paradigm shifts. 

  • Paradigm shifts come from life experience, but what if you don't want to wait for an experience?

  • Creative processes engage the brain in a way which can cause positive shifts.

By offering our clients the opportunity to challenge themselves, we engage their thinking by activating a creative self to uncover truths, develop confidence, and inspire consistent action after the initial work.


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About Me 

"I am passionate about fostering the potential in others through creative exploration." 


Susan Thompson



I now know I can do difficult things and even like the outcome of what I created.

Rachel N. age 55

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