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About Me

I am passionate about fostering the potential in others through creative exploration.

With over thirty years experience k-12 and college education in arts and gifted programming, work with the Arizona Commission of the Arts  as a teaching artist,  a former high school principal and president/chair of variety of community and arts organizations, my life's mission is to serve others.

Brain research has had a tremendous impact on my life and practice.  What is clear in the research is creative thinking promotes brain health and serves mindfulness. You don't have to be an artist to use creative processes to better your life.  "Creative strength training” supports and develops new pathways and connectivity turning shame and blame thinking into “yes, I can” and “yes, I am worth it” language.

I am excited to curate customized opportunities to challenge our clients and their thinking by activating a creative self to uncover truths, develop confidence and inspire consistent action long after our work together ends.

Podcast interview from my time as an educational leader

                    ~What I Believe ~

  • Potential Grounds is NOT a company it is a mission.

  • No one should ever feel unworthy or ill prepared to reach their fullest potential.

  • Fullest potential is found in a life of abundance over scarcity.

  • Transformation is an active process.

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