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Our Approach



True transformation is an active process. Brain research richly supports we can develop a growth mindset at any age.   We have two brains - emotional and thinking.

Research also shows paradigm shifts, (or changing our truth) happen in the emotional brain, and can only happen with life experiences.  For our emotional brain to change on

it’s own, it needs a life experience for the truth to shift.


Many self-help strategies – focus on ways to have your thinking brain speak to your emotional brain and over time, coaxing the feeling brain to hopefully shift. This can be very effective, but it does take discipline and time.


Often we get fatigued by the work with the thinking brain, rationalize we need to focus on work, family responsibilities etc and say “I will come back to this later when I have time.” 

Research also shows that in any creative work, the feeling brain is activated and impacted. You may consider yourself an uncreative person, but your creative work is found in the way you draft a work email, craft a presentation or the way you put together a birthday party celebration. We can’t have emotional brains without creative work somewhere in our lives.


Whether in a one on one consultation or large group destination retreat, we create a safe place to experience and share "radical empathy." Using cognitive coaching strategies paired with fun creative process work we guide you through your own purposeful journey to dream big, desire the best and develop a shared community for empowered action.

We believe and research shows creative work is the most effective tool in unlocking your true potential.


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